When entering the Show and Shine event, you will be asked if you would like to also enter the Sound Off competition. This is where vans get to compete to see who has the loudest sound system. Whilst the votes for the Show and Shine are being counted, entrants to the Sound Off are lined up ready to count the decibels!

To make the competition fair to all, there are a few rules.

1. Our decibel reader will always be placed on a small tripod in the front, driver's side seat facing forwards.

2. The entrant will be able to select the song or set the radio.

3. The entrant can select if measurements will be taken with the door open or closed.

4. Measurements will be taken for only 30 seconds each time.

5. Each entrant will be given three attempts and the highest reading will used.

6. Different music can be selected for each reading.

Once the music has been played and measured the records will be sent to the competition officiators in preparation for the prize giving.

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